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Can You Grow Spinach Indoors?

If you’ve been dreaming of growing leafy greens like spinach all year round – always having a fresh, healthy supply on hand no matter what – you’ve probably started to look into whether or not you can grow spinach indoors.

Is it possible?

Can you grow spinach indoors – and will it taste just as good with all the nutrients you’re looking for?


Let’s dig a little deeper to learn more.

Can You Grow Spinach Indoors?

Believe it or not, learning how to grow spinach indoors is a whole lot easier than most people realize.

It all starts by choosing the right spinach, particularly if you live in a colder climate (winter bloomsdale spinach works best for those with especially cold winters, for example). Then you just have to choose the right pot, so your spinach seeds correctly, and then maintain the right – and consistent – temperatures while giving your spinach plenty of light and water.

More on that in just a moment.

Tips For Growing Spinach Indoors

  1. One of the most important things you can do when growing spinach indoors is finding the right pot to start it in.

Pick a pot that is at least 6 inches deep (10 inches deep is even better) with lots of width so that you can get quite a few spinach plants in the same little cluster.

2. Second, make sure that you are putting your spinach seeds about a half-inch into high quality soil.

3. Third, be sure that you are maintaining a reasonable level of moisture on that soil during the germination stage. You also want to keep your spinach soil (and the seeds within) at a cooler temperature – let’s say 60°F or so.

Finally, make sure that your spinach is getting anywhere between 14 and 15 hours of light during the germination stage. It’ll need 8 to 10 hours of quality light as it reaches maturity, too.

Where To Keep Spinach Growing Indoors?

There are a lot of places you can keep your spinach growing indoors, but the best place is in front of a window (provided you can still control temperature pretty consistently).

Your spinach is going to want a tremendous amount of sunlight, especially early in its lifecycle. You can run LED grow lights indoors for sure, but it’s cheaper to grow spinach over the winter if you use the power of the sun.

How Often Should You Water Spinach Growing Indoors?

Spinach should be watered on a regular and consistent basis, not only to be flooded with plenty of hydration but also to help cool down the soil and prevent it from warming up too much.

That said, you definitely do not want to be soaking your spinach leaves or pouring so much water onto your plants that the plant begins to “swim”.

Can You Grow Spinach in Pots or Containers?


A lot of people want to know “can you grow spinach in pots or containers?” and we are happy to report that you most definitely can. Deep pots are necessary (at least 6 inches deep, 10 inches is even better) but spinach is a crop that does quite well when you grow it potted inside.

How Long Does It Take for Spinach to Grow Indoors?

Every type of spinach is going to grow at a different rate, and the conditions that your indoor spinach is “raised” in will have an impact on its growth and time to harvest, too.

As a general rule of thumb, though, expect to have tons of leafy green spinach plants ready to harvest and eat within 6 to 8 weeks of your first planting.

Plant on a rolling schedule (every week or so) and you’ll never run out of fresh spinach!

When To Transplant Spinach Seedlings

Can you grow spinach indoors and then transplant it’s outside once the seedlings have established?

For sure!

Lots of people (particularly those that have hard, long winters) like to start their leafy green vegetables – and other parts of their garden – indoors, transplanting the seedlings after the fear of frost has subsided.

You can do the same thing with spinach.

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Can You Grow Spinach Indoors?

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