The Veggie Guide

Growing veggies at home has never been so easy.

Butternut Squash

How Many Butternut Squash Per Plant?

If you are planning to grow Butternut Squash, or you are already doing so, you are likely wondering how many Butternut Squash per Plant you will be able to harvest. 10-20 squash per plant will depend on a lot of different factors, like size, variety, and the general health of your butternut squash plants. Depending […]

Butternut Squash Growing Stages – An Easy Guide

When it comes to growing your own vegetables, the process can sometimes seem a little daunting. However you really shouldn’t fear growing vegetables at home, because it’s not as hard as you may think. There are many vegetables that you can grow at home, but today we’ll be looking into a slightly more exotic vegetable […]

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