The Veggie Guide

Growing veggies at home has never been so easy.


Growing Potatoes In Containers With Straw

If you’ve ever come across a garden or farm that has piles and piles of straw propped up, with little bits of potato poking out, you’ve probably wondered just what exactly you’ve stumbled across. Well, believe it or not, farmers all over the world have been growing potatoes in containers with straw for literally hundreds […]

How To Grow a Potato From An Eye? – Easy Beginners Guide

Growing potatoes at home is one of the most rewarding and cost effective vegetables you can grow yourself. Potatoes are a commonly used ingredient with many different dishes. Because they come in many varieties, there’s a huge range of methods potatoes can be used for. For example, Boiled potatoes, Roast potatoes, Mashed potatoes, Fries, the […]

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