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How To Grow Tenderstem Broccoli

First introduced in 1993, Japanese gardeners and farmers stunned the world when they released their hybrid version of Chinese kale and broccoli – a vegetable that they called tenderstem broccoli. These two super foods combined together to produce a beautiful new version of broccoli, one that had a tender, delicious, almost sweet stem that is 100% edible (even when the broccoli is raw). Absolutely swimming in folic acid as well as vitamins A and C, this new vegetable was a bit of a modern miracle when word got out about it. Today, though, the secret is very much out about tenderstem broccoli and folks around the world are figuring out ways to grow it themselves. It is a little tricky learning how to grow tenderstem broccoli on your own, but that’s why we put together this detailed guide.

How To Grow Tenderstem Broccoli?

If you are going to be growing your tenderstem broccoli outdoors you need to be sure that you are sowing relatively narrow lines of this broccoli into rich, moist soil.

Of course, the only way to grow legitimate tenderstem broccoli is to start with the real deal seeds. Lots of online seed shops can help you out there, though.

You want to be sure that you start your seed plantings in March (after the final frost, of course), though you can keep planting tenderstem broccoli arose right up until June and be able to harvest week after week (after week) up until early fall.

What Is The Best Way To Grow Tenderstem Broccoli?

Plenty of folks (particularly those with shorter growing seasons and longer, harsher winters) decide to start their tenderstem broccoli indoors.

That might be something you want to consider, with a lot of folks feeling like this is the very best way to grow bigger, more reliable, and more consistent crops of tenderstem broccoli in the first place.

You’ll want to get your hands on a bunch of planters, quality soil mixtures (filled with halfway decent compost, too), and some LED lights.

Can You Grow Tenderstem Broccoli Indoors?


Using the supplies we mentioned a moment ago (planters, quality soil and compost, LED lights, etc.) you’ll be able to start your tenderstem broccoli early – maybe even as early as the beginning of February – to make sure that your plants are ready to go in the ground as soon as the frost threat is over (and after soil temperatures have warmed up).

Just make sure that you are keeping the soil your tenderstem broccoli seeds are planted in moist. You don’t need it to be a swimming pool, but the soil should be damp pretty much around-the-clock.

What Is The Best Way To Grow Tenderstem Broccoli At Home?

Broccoli, believe it or not, loves plenty of sunlight and you’ll want to be sure that it can get at least six hours on a consistent basis.

If you are growing your tenderstem broccoli indoors at home you can set up and LED system (complete with automation) to give your broccoli six, eight, or even ten hours of light. Don’t be surprised if it responds very positively!

After the seedlings have established themselves, and once there is zero fear of frost anymore, you’ll be able to move the plantings into your garden and begin harvesting much earlier than you would have been able to otherwise.

Don’t be surprised if you are harvesting tenderstem broccoli 50 to 60 days after you first learned how to grow tenderstem broccoli.

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