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What To Do With Sweet Peas When Finished Flowering?

Sweet peas are popular plants that produce beautiful flowers and have a sweet fragrance. These plants are not difficult to grow but care should be taken when growing them. What to do with sweet peas when finished flowering? Once sweet peas have stopped flowering, you should cut them, leaving the roots alone.

Read on to find out more about what to do with sweet peas when finished flowering. Also find answers to other related questions you might have on the subject. Happy reading!

What To Do With Sweet Peas When Finished Flowering?

Cut them down

Once the sweet peas start to flower, you can tie them with some kind of support structure. Moreover, keep giving the sweet peas tomato fertilizer when they are flowering.  

But what to do with sweet peas when finished flowering? The answer is simple: cut them down. Once the plants have have finished flowering, cut them down but leave the roots alone. The roots will keep enriching the soil with nitrogen.

How To Know When Sweet Peas Have Finished Flowering?

Check for growth of new flowers

Sweat peas flower primarily during the months of June and July. In some cases, they might start flowering earlier or later. These plants also flower in the winter months and during spring.

The easiest way to know whether or not sweet peas are flowering is to look for the presence of their bright pink flowers. If no new flowers are growing, that means the plant isn’t flowering anymore.

What To Do With Sweet Peas When Finished Flowering

How Long Does It Take For Sweet Peas To Finish Flowering?

About one month on average

The period during which sweet peas produce flowers can vary based on a number of factors such as the environment and light. On average, sweet peas flower for about a month during spring. 

If you want to extend the flowering period and want the plants to produce as many blossoms as possible, water and deadhead them on a regular basis. Deadheading refers to the practice of removing developed seed pods from the plant.

Why Must Sweet Pea Flowers Stay On The Plant Before It Dies?

The plant produces seeds if flowers are not removed

Sweet pea flowers must stay on the plant before it dies. This is because if flowers stay on the plant, the plant produces seeds, which can be used later for propagating new ones.

Should You Remove Seed Pods From Sweet Peas Before They Flower?

Should be removed during the flowering period

Should you remove seed pods from sweet peas before they flower? Seed pods are removed (known as “deadheading”) during the flowering period. Developed seed pods can be cut away on a regular basis. 

If mature seed pods are not removed, the plant can start forming seeds, which in turn would stop the production of flowers. Removing developed seed pods can thus extend the blooming period of sweet peas and result in more flowers being produced by the plant. This works because the plant’s energy is directed toward the production of flowers instead of seeding.

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What To Do With Sweet Peas When Finished Flowering?

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